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अब डिजिटल जीवन शुरु

Superwoman Bonus

Hi, I am Anish Paudel. I am currently working as an “Intern” in the Business Department. As part of my work, I got the opportunity to go through the transaction statistics of different user profiles like gender, location, age and so on. Going through the statistics it struck me that the number of female users is extremely small in number as compared to the male clients. Only 5% of the total active users are female. This number came as a shock because at Moru we are always focusing on bringing females into the digital revolution.

Above 60% of the employees currently working for the operations of Moru Digital Wallet are female and we are proud of these numbers. When I brought forward this situation among my mentors, a simple question “What are you going to do about it?”, came as a lightning jolt.


After few weeks of brainstorming, I brought forward a suggestion to my team mentors to celebrate a month or two as a campaign to appreciate all the ladies out there, including all sisters, mothers, beloveds and friends. I was surprised by the acceptance from my mentors, but was again posed with the question, what will you call such a campaign.

Another day went in looking up for bona fide names, and at the midnight hour, the name struck my mind. Thus, at that very moment, I called on my mentor and said how about calling it “for all Superwoman”.  Even though it was very late, I was not scolded. Yet when I offered an apology, I was replied with a compliment.

So here it is for all the Superwoman, all the Super-sisters, all the Super-Moms, all the Super-souls, Moru presents “Superwoman Bonus”.

Under this offer, Moru will provide all the “Superwoman” with 100% more Bonus on Mobile Top-ups, TV Bill Payments, Data Packs and Voice Packs. If a user gets Rs 30 as a bonus, then our superwoman will get a Rs 30 more bonus.

Standard Bonus Rate for Mobile Topup is 3%, thus under this 100% more Bonus offer, Superwoman will get 3%+100% of 3% = 6% bonus. Similar is the case with other mentioned services.

At Moru we don’t provide cash backs with hook backs, we provide Bonuses, and how to use is all on us. So, this reward, like other rewards will be super flexible to use.

Through “Superwoman Bonus” we are hoping to commemorate and celebrate our female userbase, who are surely Superwoman in their lives. We also hope, this will provide a stepping stone for all females to join the digital revolution, and match pace with all others. We respect and value the efforts you put every day in and out.

Love you Didi, this is for you.

Thank You


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