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E-health Saathi

e-Health Sathi is a value-added service (VAS) product to safeguard you and your family with exciting health services. The product is designed by Stonestep TFD Pvt. Ltd. to make the digital health journey accessible for emergency health service remotely and financial risk coverage against health-related expenses. Most importantly, the telemedicine service is the primary service and health insurance and group personal accident insurance is a benefit for the product subscriber.

e-HelathSathi contributes to ease to reach doctor remotely, contributes customers to enjoy free online health and fitness-related resources, get discounts on Lab services and also facilitates insurance claim services. e-HealthSathi is available in two packages: e-HealthSathi- Silver and e-HealthSathi -Gold for one-month and three-month coverage respectively. The product is available in NPR: 175 for e-HealthSathi-Silver and NPR: 350 for e-HealthSathi- Gold. The product details are as follows:


Product details:

Service features e-Health Sathi- Silver e-Health Sathi – Gold
Product features and duration One month Three months
24*7 Tele-medicine doctor consultation with a general physician 2 times 2 times
Discount on TDO Lab Services to support other health and wellness 10% 20%
Unlimited access to online health and fitness library During VAS Term During VAS Term
Hospitalization benefit policy (Per Night coverage that includes: room charges, board and nursing attendance) 15 days coverage (NPR 1000 Per Night) 20 days coverage (NPR 1000 Per Night)
Hospitalization Insurance Sum Insured NPR 15,000 NPR 20,000
Group Personal Accident Insurance Sum Insured NPR 100,000 NPR 100,000
Pharmacist assistance on medicine usage During VAS Term


Participation and eligibility:

  • MORU digital wallet users are only eligible to subscribe to the product
  • People aged from 18 to 65 are eligible to subscribe to the product


e-HealthSathi contributes to reducing the hospital visit for a minor health check-up. Hence, indirectly it contributes to reducing the Corona transmission since the hospital is one of the critical places. On the other hand, the product reduces the distresses among customers for not getting an appointment with the doctor during this COVID 19 situation.

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