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अब डिजिटल जीवन शुरु


William Shakespeare — ‘What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’


Little might have been the thought process gone by the time when Shakespeare expressed the above statement that it would create such a fire and great deal of discussion even till date. But have you ever thought that if the name is not important then why does everyone remember the great work done by Shakespeare or any other legends.

Name, obviously might not define a person and his/her deeds but it remains immensely important to a person’s identity.It is extremely important that a person should be recognized for their quality and their work. But when the time comes upon remembering those people, a statement which sounds like “In remembrance of one author who was lanky with a front bald head” would extremely be comical or even mocking rather than saying “In remembrance of Shakespeare”.

Name henceforth remains crucial…

MORU, thus would like to celebrate names. To the lovely people with mesmerizing names that you carry which defines your identity and deeds that you have worked upon to build up yourself in this lost world, MORU along with you is celebrating a month of those golden names of yours.


For now, we have come up with 10 randomly chosen alphabets, being as follows:

A – for Achievers !!

B – for Brave !!

D – for Dashing !!

G – for Graceful !!

H – for Heroic !!

K – for Kind-hearted !!

M – for Miraculous !!

P – for Positive !!

R – for Reliable !!

S – for Sincere !!


The campaign theme is to focus on the particular “Initial of the Name” of the person and celebrate within the period of campaign. Of the above selected ones, one alphabet will be taken for 3 consecutive days and every new user registered with that same initial (on the given scheduled date) shall be eligible to participate in this campaign and win Rs 111. 

One alphabet will run for the period of 3 consecutive days and within that period, if a user of matching alphabet registers, s/he remains eligible to win the reward.

We shall declare 3 winners at the end of 3 day run of each Alphabet, through Facebook Live Event.

EXCITED: https://bit.ly/InstallMoru

Scheduled dates for alphabets:

P- October 28 to October 30
A- October 31 to November 2
M- November 3 to November 5
G- November 6 to November 8
D- November 9 to November 11
K- November 12 to November 14
R- November 15 to November 17
B- November 18 to November 20
S- November 21 to November 23
H- November 24 to November 26

Finishing up and finally answering the statement, What’ s in the name?

Selected 30 ones, thou shall receive Rs 111 from MORU!!😁😁



  • Users must register to Moru within a specific date scheduled above as per the initial alphabet of their name..
  • KYC verification required in order to win the game prize.


Our pannel of name keeping experts (My name Battu, Pannelist name Suppu/ Irru/ Tiggu, we call our boss Bond-008 btw), had an infinity war which lasted for 10 hours and comeout with these alphabets, the scheduling of the same was done through lucky draw. The pannel made an effort to include as many people as possible with these names.

Thanos took vanished other alfabets, literally.

Send us how you feel about this offer.

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