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Experience the All-New Moru App!

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking. The great scientist and the boon to humankind rightly said about the change, didn’t he ? Change is inevitable and we at Moru take this quite positively.

We believe that change for better experiences is what our customers value. Moru Digital Wallet is thrilled to announce its brand new UI. Our team worked hard and with all our heart we have created the New MORU UI. But do not be mistaken, not only have we changed the UI, but we have also improved our services and added many more features.

New UI. The origin 

When we decided to come up with a new user interface, we brainstormed the new UI ideas, color scheme, and design. That’s when we resorted to the ideas provided by our users. We created several designs from the input we received through our users. With these valuable inputs, we got some excellent ideas, and canvassing those ideas our team drafted fantastic designs. We couldn’t have made this possible without our ever-enthusiastic team and our valued users. 

The launch of our new UI marks the beginning of a new era in Moru. We hope our new user interface will vastly improve the user’s experiences and our new improved services will provide you with a premium digital wallet experience. 

What is new in MORU?



We have completely revamped our UI. Our new UI is smooth, robust and we have implemented our theme color in every section of the new app incorporated with great design. Our new UI is perfectly crafted for a premium user experience. This allows users to experience a smooth payment and fund transfer with more convenience and security. Moreover, users can enjoy our services in a more transparent, risk-free, and smooth manner. All these with minimal design and icons, what more you could have asked.

Biometric login

As technology has made a huge transformation in users’ behavior, users always look for instant and prompt services. So, this new update brings the most preferred feature i.e. Biometric login. Now, login into your Moru account by fingerprint. We did not limit only to this we have designed our code to make fingerprints more accurate and safer. 

More categorized service sections

We have introduced a new categorized section. All the services are categorized in such a manner that the user finds it very easy to browse through every section. Apart from that, we have added two new sections to quickly access the needful service on a single tap. Likewise, we have added a new carousel section as well where you can learn about our new offers and bonus instantly. 

Easy to access policy 

Talking about accessibility we have made it easier for users to perform multiple transactions activities easily. All you need to do is SWPIE right or left. This helps users to conveniently use another service while using one and without hassle. This time we have made sure that our users have a smooth Moru experience. There shall be no interruption and any kind of disturbances while using the services at Moru. You can easily use the multiple services without any disruption. 

Improved Transaction View

We believe viewing all the transactions should be easy and users can see them whenever they wish to, either new or old. Therefore, we have updated the transaction view with a more user-friendly approach so that your new and old transactions can be viewed categorically and reinvent your payment experience.  

More secured transactions

The most concerning query to all of us are “Is our transaction safe ?”  Since our launch, back in 2019, keeping our users’ every transaction safe has been our topmost priority. We have always focused on keeping transactions safe and with this new update, we are moving forward in this direction. Our new app is more secure than ever and we will continuously try and improve to make transactions even safer in the coming days.

Other Changes

  1. New Splash Screen
  2. New Theme and  Design 
  3. Quick Amount Load
  4. New Contact View
  5. New Animation 
  6. New Streamlined Transaction View Section
  7. New Setting Page
  8. Updated Security 
  9. New Services and Many more… 

Lastly, we would like to express our immense gratitude to all our users who have been an integral part of our journey. We would not have been able to make this huge change without regular support and feedback from our users. We thrive on your feedback and we are hopeful that you will shower us with your valuable comments and feedback regarding the change. 

Let’s Embark on this new journey together.

Other Offers at Moru

  • Free Bank Transfer
  • 3 % Bonus on Top Ups ( Ncell, NTC, and Smart Cell)
  • 2% Bonus on NTC and Ncell data and voice packs.
  • 3% Bonus on Telephone  Bill Payments
  • Upto 3% Bonus on TV Payments
  • Upto 500 Rs Bonus on ISP Payments

         And Many More

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please write to us at +9779801035348 (Viber, WhatsApp) or Facebook. We are always here for your service!

Thank You.!


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