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अब डिजिटल जीवन शुरु

Fruitful Falgun

We at Moru have come up with a, never-before “Fruitful Falgun”, where we would be celebrating the digital journey of the users who have been joining us in the Fruitful Month of Falgun.


अब एक महिनामै आफ्नो Attitude पूरै डिजिटल बनाउनुहोस् ।

टनाटन लक्कि प्राईजका साथ  आफ्नो Confidence बदाउँदै जानुहोस् ।।


How to participate?

  • Users should register in Moru during the month of Falgun.
  • Users should make at least one bill payment (Top-up included).
  • To participate in daily lucky draw, every day
    • Make a bill payment, every day (Get 30 Chances to Win Rs 300)
      • Super lucky beings can win upto 30×300 = 9000
      • Also with Bumper get upto 11000 – 11 Elephants (ha ha)
  • To participate in Bumper Lucky draw, at end of falgun
    • At Least one Bill payment, but more the merrier.
    • If you do 100 transactions, you have 100 chances to win the bumper.


How will the winner be declared?

  • Winner will be declared on a daily basis.
  • Winner will be declared through the official Facebook page of Moru.
  • 2 lucky winners will get Rs.300 daily and 1 lucky winner will get Rs.2000 at the end of this campaign.
  • Cash prizes will be deposited in the Moru Account of winners.


How can a winner claim the prize?

  • Winner should share the winner declaration post and contact us.
  • The winners can either contact us through Facebook or +9779801035348 (Viber, WhatsApp) to claim the prize.

Terms and conditions

  • Users should be KYC verified.
  • Winners must contact us in order to receive the cash prize.
  • Cash prizes will be sent in the Moru wallet of the winners.
  • Winners will be declared on a daily basis for 2 lucky winners.
  • At the end of the campaign, one lucky winner will be declared as a bumper prize winner.


Who wants to be a lucky digital person?


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