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अब डिजिटल जीवन शुरु

More in Moru

If Facebook were a country, it would be substantially bigger than China. And this tech giant is by all means more powerful than most countries.  Some of the biggest revolutions in the world have gained strength because of Facebook. Moru is focusing on enlarging the Facebook family. We believe that through Facebook we can help to bring impact in the life of people by shifting them to digital wallets. Shifting them from doing cash transactions to digital transactions will make their life more easy, comfortable and hassle free. With this thought process we have come up with a Facebook Contest, “More in More”. In this contest participants just have to like and follow the Facebook page of Moru, share the post and mention 5 of their friends in the comment section. 15 lucky winners who participate in the contest will receive a cash prize from Moru.

Hurry up, don’t miss the contest. Tell your friends and family about this contest, they might also be the winners of More in More.


How to participate in this contest:

  1. Like and follow the official facebook page of Moru.
  2. Mention 5 of your friends in the comment section.
  3. Share the post.


How will the winner be declared:

  • Winner will be declared after the contest period of 1 month(December 22, 2021 till January 22, 2022)is over.
  • Winner will be declared through the official Facebook page of Moru.
  • 5 lucky winners will get Rs.1000 and 10 lucky winners will get Rs.500.
  • Cash prizes will be deposited in the Moru Account of winners.


How can a winner claim the prize?

  • The winners can either contact us through Facebook or +9779801035348 (Viber, WhatsApp) to claim the prize.
  • Winners need to register to Moru App and get their KYC verified in order to receive the cash prize in their Moru Wallet.

Terms and conditions

  • Winners must contact us in order to receive the cash prize.
  • Cash prizes will be sent in the Moru wallet of the winners.
  • Winners will be declared after the campaign period.
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