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Share and Earn


We are pleased with the participation of our digital life champions, who have been a cornerstone of our campaign to begin the digital lives of all Nepali. Under our earlier campaign “Let’s Go Digital) on a daily basis, our champions made referral income of around Nrs.1000-2500 daily while imparting Inspiration of Digital Lives to around 100-250 people. By mostly promoting the benefits of digital life over their social media and other networks, using the referral link and referral code generated in their Moru App. By keeping the current situation in mind, Team Moru has brought yet another opportunity for people to simply refer to the digital way of life. We have named the campaign “SHARE AND EARN”. We believe that by sharing knowledge we earn more knowledge. Likewise, by sharing your Moru referral link with your friends and family you will earn referral Bonus.

SHARE AND EARN is a referral-based scheme whereby by referring one person to start Digital life one can get up to Rs.40 bonus. Just by referring 100 friends and family to begin their Digital Life with Moru, one can earn more than Rs.4000 a day. By promoting the benefits of digital life, and inspiring people to make digital transactions, we believe our champions will yet again do good to society at large.

This opportunity is available to all of our 400000+ customers and all others who are joining us. Do read our terms and conditions, and stay tuned to our Facebook Page where we announce our top earners weekly.

At Moru rewards can be used for any purpose.

Get Moru Now:

Rewards to the referrer, shall occur as follows:

  • Upon successful registration of the referee, the referrer gets Rs.5.For example, Hydro refers Bikas to register to Moru, after Bikas registers successfully, Hydro would receive Rs.5.
  • Upon KYC verification of the referee, the referee gets Rs.5. For example, if Bikas fills in all the details for the KYC and gets it verified, then Bikas would receive another Rs.5.
  • Upon the first 3 transactions of the referee, both the referrer and referee gets bonus of Rs.5 per transaction i.e. Rs.15 (3*5).For example, if Bikas does a bill payment transaction, Hydro and Bikas will receive Rs.5 per transaction for the.first three transactions of Bikas.

In this way, Hydro can get up to Rs.40 inspiring Bikas to be Digital Bikas, out of which Rs. 20 will be received by Bikas.


  • Referrer: Registered and KYC Verified Moru users who send the invitation
  • Referee: Person that receives the invitation from the referrer.
  • KYC: Know Your Customer. The details should be filled up by the referee.
  • Transaction: Any sort of Bill payment (Minimum Rs.10) made by the referee through their MORU account. Top-up, Data-voice pack, Send money, bank transfer  transactions shall not be considered as the first three transactions.

How can you participate?

  1. Register on MORU.
  2. Fill up all the details to get the KYC verified.
  3. Generate Referral Link and referral code from your profile

Then you will be eligible to make refer and earn income.

Detail Steps to Refer and Earn.

  • Tap to your profile icon at the top left corner.
  • Tap on the Refer and Earn Field which is just after Transaction Limits, in the App Setting Section.
  • Choose Android or iOS.
  • Send/ Share the link to your friends and family over social media and other various channels and ask them to use your referral code.
  • Assist them in pursuing their digital lives and be their digital inspiration.
  • Get Rewards on the digital achievements of the referee.

Terms and Conditions:

  • MORU reserves the right to amend or cancel the campaign without any prior notice.
  • This Refer and Earn campaign is valid till 10th February 2022 (Mid Night).
  • The reward on the First three transactions will only be applicable on bill payments like Television Bill, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Telephone Bill, Internet bills, and other bill payments.
  • The reward will only be earned only if the devices used by the referee and referrer are different.
  • The reward will only be earned by a KYC Verified Referrer who has done at least 1 other top-up/bill payment transaction.
  • Moru is against any spread of false information and shall take strict action against persons who are found to have been involved in such action.
  • The device used by the Referee and Referrer has to be different.


  • KYC of the person sharing referral link is a must.
  • Per Referral Reward is Rs.40.
  • The referral Code Owner gets a bonus of Rs.5 per registration..
  • When the registering person does KYC then he gets a bonus of Rs.5.
  • When the registering person does a bill payment transaction then both referrer and referee gets a bonus of Rs.5 per transaction for the first 3 transactions.
  • Reward Amount can be used in any manner by the earner, except for Bank Transfer and Send Money.
  • Thank You for sharing your referral code and spreading your Digital Prerana, and making Nepal Digital one person at a time.


Other Offers at Moru:

  • Free Bank Transfer
  • 3 % Bonus on Top Ups
  • Upto 3% Bonus on TV Payments
  • Upto 2% Bonus on Data-Voice Packs.
  • Upto 500 Rs Bonus on ISP Payments

And Many More

We would love to hear from you @ 9801035348.



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