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5 Sales Blunders

Sales blunder are the mistakes or flaws that may arise within an organization due to the lack of motivation among the employees and lack of knowledge and experience in existing employees. The five possible reasons that may lead to sales blunders within an organization are as follows:

  1. Leadership without competence

Leadership plays major role for the execution of plans. If the leaders aren’t competence then the sales plans may not be adequate to achieve the desired outcomes. This can affects the competitive performance of an organization leading to high chance of salesman turnover. This reduces the motivation and morale among the employees which discourage them to serve their customers or clients properly and will hamper an organization by losing their loyal customers.

  1. Failure in prioritization

Sales blunders within an organization are caused due to failure in prioritization in the leads. Leads are not given important due to inability to manage the time properly. This can cause the team members to lose their focus and direction to achieve the goals. Lack of prioritization will lead to the wastage of resources on the activities that are not important to the organization. This can also cause the harmful exploitation of different resources that will affect an organization by losing the opportunities that are available in the market.

  1. Lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge is also another sales blunder that can lead to poor leadership capability. When there is lack of knowledge there will be lack in building organizational skills. This also reduces the ability to provide direction to the employees, which will act as a sales blunder. Lack of knowledge can also hamper organization as it reduces the ability to recognize the opportunities from the market which will fail organization to reap maximum benefits.

  1. Insufficient response

Sales blunders are also caused due to the insufficient response by the organization to its customers. Insufficient response or feedback will decline employee morale towards the organization. It can also create mismatch in customers’ demand with other product that can make our customers to lose to our rivals. Insufficient response will reduce the inward sales of an organization that can lead to high sales turnover.

  1. Rampant sales workflow

Rampant in sales workflow can lead to the loss of quantity and quality of sales which will increase the opportunity cost on stocks. This will demotivate the employees and lose their confidence on work. Rampant can also make sales process more lengthy and time consuming. This will create dissatisfaction among the sales personnel which will create conflict within an organization.

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