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Partner Program

Partner program is a business strategy to align the partners with company to accelerate the revenue.

Concern regarding Partner Program

For small organizations it is complex, expensive and hard to proceed. So, it is suitable for large organizations.  More the partners, better the program. But while building partnership makes sure that they are protective regarding the customer’s data and information. Further, it forms reasonable trust among the partners. Each partner has to be managed separately; also need a separate technology stack.

Procedure for building partner program

  • Make a profile of partners and collect the data from other source (social media).
  • Share the information about prospective clients to them and provide empowerment to make them feel in priority.
  • Design the specific employee and calculate the profit/benefit and cost from a partner.

How to make sustaining partner program

Pick up the partners from every geographical region to expand the business. Also, engage the partners with your organization and provide supportive services and solution. For detailed information make a ‘partner personas’ to avoid the fraud case. Also invite them in informal activities to build a strong bond and sustainable relation.

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