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Dealing Grievances

Grievances are complaint that customer or employees have towards an organization. Grievances are the disputes within the organization. Organization must be able to deal with the grievance of the customers, employees and its shareholders to maintain the mutual relationship.

The ways of dealing the grievances are as follows:

1. Start a procedure

In first steps to handle the grievances, we have to make clear steps with a deadline. Also have to allocate a specific person for each step. So, there would not be confusion and would be easy to handle the grievances.

2. Examine the grievance

In second steps we have to examine the conflict which are caused due to various reasons and have to find out the root cause of grievances. Organization need to hear the complaint of customers and collect the data or evidence to make easy for decision making.

3. Hold a meeting

After collecting the evidence, an organization must hold a meeting to discuss about that evidence and inform the involved employee to find out from where it happens. An organization should hear the problems of both parties to solve it which are created in the organization.

4. Make your decision

After analyzing the evidence, the conclusion must be drawn with appropriate reason and make a decision which will satisfy all the involved parties and explain your decision to avoid confusion. In case if any dissatisfaction occurs, then ask the reason for being unhappy.

5. Implement and further action

After the discussion, the organization need to implement the plan based on the decision and certain action must be made to avoid such mistakes.  There must also be certain changes on the working process according to the decision. An organization must maintain documentation of all the decision, action and time taken to solve the grievance.

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